60 Scholars Need your Support!

By enabling access to education for one generation, we can empower them to break the cycle of poverty.

Break the Cycle of Poverty
Through STEM Education

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What Drives Us?

Africa and India have very low college enrollment. In the US STEM workforce, people of color comprise a very low percentage of total workers.

At Shooting Stars, we are motivated to address these inequities through the power of financial scholarships, training, and STEM education programs.

What Do We Do?

For STEM College Scholars in India and Africa , Shooting Stars offers financial scholarships, training in various areas like English, and professional mentorship.

In short, we exist to fuel their ambition so that their dreams become lifelong realities.

Our Impact

Investing in Shooting Stars is investing in a future that is more equitable. The impact of our work not only benefits scholars, but also has a profound impact on their families and communities as well.

By increasing access in underserved communities, we hope to change the landscape of education, making it more equitable for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.

50 Scholars Need your Support

Donate to Shooting Stars Foundation

By donating directly to Shooting Stars Foundation you support outreach efforts and day to day SSF activities. This is an option chosen by both individuals and corporations while our Adopt A Scholar program above is targeted to individual or family donors.

Other ways to donate:

Shooting Stars Tax Id : 46-2174148

Mail a check to:
Shooting Stars Foundation, 2197 Plumleigh Dr, Fremont, CA 94539

Our Aspirations


Provide STEM college scholarships for under-served students in India & Kenya

2025 Scholarships by 2025
Up from 450 scholarships in 2020


Provide STEM education programs to under-represented students in the USA 

1000 participants by 2025
Up from 800 in 2020


Build a sustainable model by mentoring recipients to help others in their future

Over 25% of graduates participate in a future program

You Can Make A Difference

Help provide scholarships to motivated medical and engineering students from deserving low income families.

All scholars are top performers, despite being first generation college graduates. Your financial support and mentorship will help uplift a student in need.

By enabling access to education for one generation, we can empower them to break the cycle of poverty

Without your help, we would not be able to support a growing number of in need scholars.

Get Involved With Our Mission

Choose Your Scholar

By participating in our Adopt a Scholar Program you can help a scholar in India or Africa pursue their dreams!

If you aren't ready to donate, but would like to learn more about the Adopt A Scholar Program, please fill out the interest form below!

Every Dollar Makes A Difference

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“Education is a gift that not only transforms the individual but creates illumination around all those whose lives it touches. Being able to provide the opportunity to a willing and committed student is our privilege. ”

“We are very happy and proud that Afreen has graduated from her medical program and that we had the opportunity to play a small part in it. It is incredible that such a small contribution from our side could make such big difference in a student’s life!”

Thank you for supporting the Shooting Stars Foundation