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By participating in our Adopt a Scholar Program you can help a scholar in India or Africa pursue their dreams of a high quality STEM education. This tax deductible donation has enabled 450 student scholars to receive a quality education they would not otherwise be able to access. Along with a donation you will develop a relationship with your scholar where you will serve as a mentor and part of their much needed support system.






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The Donor Experience - The 4 C’s

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Commit to sponsorship – Commit to making an impact on the life of a deserving student.

“Education is a gift that not only transforms the individual but creates illumination around all those whose lives it touches. Being able to provide the opportunity to a willing and committed student is our privilege. ”


Choose a Scholar: Choose and support a scholar whose background, region, field of study, or language resonates with you. All students are top performers from low income families, first generation college graduates, and are deeply motivated to succeed.

“When we saw Roberson taking up the same medical career as our son did, it was a perfect match!”


Connect with your scholar : Connect with and serve as a mentor to your scholar through phone calls, video calls, and messages.

“We mostly keep in touch through WhatsApp, where it is easy to video call as well as send messages. During these trying pandemic times, we make sure she knows we are thinking of her”


Celebrate your scholar’s success: Be proud that you have made the choice to not only invest in a student’s future but also to cultivate a meaningful lifelong connection with them.

“We are very happy and proud that Afreen has graduated from her medical program and that we had the opportunity to play a small part in it. It is incredible that such a small contribution from our side could make such big difference in a student’s life!”

The Donor Experience

Fill out this interest form and a SSF program manager will reach out about the full process and answer any questions you might have.

With your donation of $500 and your company’s $500 match or your Volunteer Hour Grant, you are ready to begin your Adopt a Scholar journey.

With the help of SSF, you choose a scholar to support. All scholars are thoroughly vetted through an extensive process that includes document verification, home visits, and interviews.

SSF will organize all donor-scholar connections for you. Current donors enjoy connecting via email updates, conference calls, video updates, and in-person meetings.

Continued support – because of the strong connection that often develops between donor and mentee, many of our donors donate on a yearly basis until scholar graduation.

Start Your Adopt A Scholar Journey 

As a 501(c)(3) Shooting Stars is already approved by match programs at companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Salesforce, Kaiser Permanente and many more. We will work with you to help approve a company match and get volunteer grants.

A Donor’s Journey

Without the help of our over 250 donors, we would not be able to support a growing number of in need scholars. Thank You.

Donate to Shooting Stars Foundation

If you are not ready to adopt a scholar you can still support us. By donating directly to Shooting Stars Foundation you support outreach efforts and day to day SSF activities. This is an option chosen by both individuals and corporations while our Adopt A Scholar program above is targeted to individual or family donors.

Other ways to donate:
Shooting Stars Tax Id : 46-2174148

Mail a check to:
Shooting Stars Foundation, 2197 Plumleigh Dr, Fremont, CA 94539