Our Mission

To empower communities to break the cycle of generational poverty through STEM education

We envision a future where all young people have equal access to the STEM knowledge and skills needed to achieve academic success, career success, upward mobility, and a lifetime of economic self-sufficiency for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Our Aspirations


Provide STEM college scholarships for under-served students in India & Kenya

2025 Scholarships by 2025
Up from 450 scholarships in 2020


Provide STEM education programs to under-represented students in the USA 

1000 participants by 2025
Up from 800 in 2020


Build a sustainable model by mentoring recipients to help others in their future

Over 25% of graduates participate in a future program

Our Approach

STEM College Scholarship

We create a path for highly competent global scholars through college sponsorships, resources, training and mentorship to help them successfully graduate from top medical and engineering schools with a STEM degree.

STEM Education Programs

With strong corporate sponsors, partners, professional mentors and volunteers, we are expanding access to technology programs and camps to students from historically underrepresented communities

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