For Stem Campers

Engage in Hands On Technology Programs Offered by Shooting Stars

Everything we do centers around serving and inspiring under-served students in STEM. One of our goals is to increase access to technology programs by hosting STEM programs for all age groups, virtually and in-person in the US and globally.


Hackathons are social coding events where people with interest in STEM congregate and develop a novel and technical project or program. Hackathons usually range from 12-24 hours long.
Shooting Stars hosts hackathons in partnership with corporates like IBM, Amgen, Netscout etc.






Project Ideas

Project guidance and mentorship from corporate employees

Exciting technology and monetary prizes

“The hackathon was great! My team worked very hard to write a 15-page code and we made great friendships with each other. Our hard work paid off and we won! I can’t wait to do any other hackathon with Shooting Stars!”


K-8 Camps

Our K-8 camps offer experiences in a wealth of different areas from speech and debate to arts and crafts to coding and web design. Each camp is hosted by qualified high school student officers with years of experience in the subject.







Exciting introduction to various subjects

Completely virtual global classes

“My son is really impressed with the skills the coach showed in HTML class. We are really
impressed with the patience shown by all high schoolers/ coaches. All coaches
seemed highly talented kids. Great work.”

HTML Camp parent

Incubator Camps

Our incubator camps are 4-week online programs for high schoolers (2 hours a day) to grasp essential entrepreneurial concepts from industry-leading mentors from Google, Uber, Amazon, etc. Simultaneously, students will take what they are learning to code a mobile app prototype of their own. Participants pitch and showcase their mobile app on demo day!




Company Tours 


Professional Mentors

Work with team members across the world and innovate

Some of our winning pitches have gone on to become real, functioning companies

“One of the most critical messages I learned from the Incubator was that good entrepreneurs need to think outside of the box. Every step of the way, we were constantly challenged by our mentors to think of new ways to solve the problems we faced.”


Data Science Camps

This is a 4-week online weekend camp (2 hours a day Fri/Sat/Sun) for high-schoolers to learn basics of statistics, python, data science concepts, machine language and artificial intelligence! Participants form teams and deliver a research based data science project on demo day!




Hours of Camp


Datascience Projects

Curriculum created and coached by UC Berkeley Instructor

Keynote speakers from eminent data scientists from Amgen, Urban Institute, Amazon etc

“I really enjoyed the datasets provided, and genuinely think they are interesting to work with. And this for a person who never knew what Data Science was!”

Youth Camper

Cybersecurity Camps

This is a 2-week online weekend camp (2 hours a day Fri/Sat/Sun) for high schoolers to learn basics of cybersecurity on all levels – personal / system / servers / cloud!

Participants form teams and deliver a research based cybersecurity project on demo day.

“This camp really helped me become more confident in my research skills. At first the project seemed very challenging but the instructors helped me to realize that I could do it, and I did!”
– Donovan

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