Communities in Schools

Sustainability Camp

The Details

20 hours of summer programming

  • Learned about the fundamentals of economic, social, and environmental sustainability
  • Learned about certifications
  • Led by professional mentors in the field of sustainability
  • Supported by peer mentors

Participant Recap

21 young women completed camp with
5/5 attended sessions

Race/Ethnicity Breakdown
Asian or Pacific Islander
Black or African American
Hispanic or Latino
White or Caucasian
Biracial or Multiracial
  • 33% will be first generation college students
  • 52% qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch (FARL)


Environmental Sustainability

  • Carbon Footprint
  • UN SDG’s
  • LEED
  • Green Buildings
  • Certifications

Social Sustainability

  • Quality of Life
  • Equality
  • Diversity
  • Governance
  • Social Cohesion

Economic Sustainability

  • Smart Investments
  • Careers
  • Conservation of Resources
  • Renewable Energy
  • Economic Choices


Professional Mentors

Ellen Koehler
Michigan State University Tollgate Farm Educator
Libby Dunne
SIG Consulting Team
Amanda Howard
SIG Sustainability Consultant
Sengavi Thirupathy
Senior Decarbonization Analyst
Dean D’Angelo
President at GBES
Sarah Merricks
Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder at GNFZ

Peer Mentors

Nivetha Subramanian
Peer Mentor
Vishal Swamy
Peer Mentor
Vishal Varma
Logistics Peer Mentor
Ayush Malpani
Logistics Peer Mentor

Professional Judges

Mr. Dylan Gu
Energy Consultant at Sustainable Investment Group LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP
Ms. Ashwini Balasubramanian
General Manager Harley-Davidson Motor Company


Students worked together to create a research project from start to finish
Students presented their projects to a panel of professional judges
More than $800 distributed to participants in rewards and incentives
Students leave camp with a finished project, ready to be showcased on a school or job application
Certificates and winners declared and full class graduation
Students reported a significant increase in their understanding of and their comfort with topics within environmental, social, and economic sustainability

Winning Research Projects

Pfand System to Diminish the Dangers of Lithium Waste

Sustainability Scale to Prevent “Greenwashing”

Refill Stations for Recycling Skincare Products


This program has allowed me to see the world in a better view because of what I can make it into. I feel motivated coming out of this and I want to continue being the best I can for my community.”
It opened my eyes to the world of sustainability! Now, I'm super interested in sustainable architecture, and will work on getting my LEED green associate certification!
This program impacted me by allowing me to connect with other students who have a passion for the environment and helps me brainstorm for ideas for my own sustainable club.
I made friends who are as interested in the environment as I am! They’re reliable and helped a lot with our research.”