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Prizes and Awards

#1 – First prize - 15,000 Award

(award split amongst team)

Awarded to Team 1 – Poonam Singh, Macklin Enico Salex, Shahista Afreen, Anusree.

#2 – Second Prize - 12,000 Award

(award split amongst team)

Awarded to Team 12 – Shreenidhi, Sharmila, Sarika Esackimuthu, Judith.

#3 – Third prize - 10,000 Award

(award split amongst team)

Awarded to Team 2 – Kalaivani, Nithyalakshmy, Thilagavathi, Varsha.

Special Prizes

#1 – First mention

(award split amongst team)

Awarded to Team 13 – Avanthika, Harishma, Harittha, Indusha.

#2 – Second mention -

(award split amongst team)

Awarded to Team 9 – Naveena, Nithya Sri, Karthikaa, Vasumathi.

All participants were awarded certificates of completion

Quest, Survey Raffle and Feedback Video Prizes

Some Participant Highlights:

  • “Before this hackathon, I won’t mingle with people so quickly, especially groups I always wanted to be in my small bubble. But in this hackathon, I just got easily along with my teammates and with other participants. ” – Tharunikha, Hackathon Participant
  • “I got to learn that the creativity and innovation to find unique solutions to real world problems is the key factor to crack any Hackathon and will keep that in mind now. I learned teamwork and some unfamiliar tools and technologies. Got a ton of new knowledge from industrial experts.” – Vaishhavi, Hackathon Participant

  • “I first hesitated to participate in this event, Because i didn’t even know what hackathons would be like. But after sometime I decided to participate just so that I can get to know about new stuffs and also to come out of my comfort zone.  Honestly, I didn’t research much about the hackathon..but I did searched about KLA and SSF and get to know about things. I was so excited to be there.  The team shuffling was something unexpected although we were informed earlier, I thought that it was just to make us afraid or like to make us well prepared. But when I reached KLA, I was totally shocked to see the shuffling process going on.  I was nervous and was praying to get at least one of my friends as my team mates but it didn’t help me. I felt like all alone at first when I picked up the slot.  But my team mates were really friendly and were genius of course.   I couldn’t help them well as I didn’t know much about the technical stuffs. Though I tried to help them as much as i can. That was the only thing which is making me quite guilty as of now. We are still in touch and are trying to improve our project. I decided to improve myself and learn more things to come out of my comfort zone completely. Thank you KLA and SSF for holding such an amazing event which was really a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know about many technical related things.  I would love to appear for the next KLA hackathon to learn even more and to show my skills.  And thank you so much for the Food and Snacks which i loved the most there.   Thank you KLA & SSF. Hoping to see you again in Future. Will be missing the whole team. Thank you guys for your efforts to make this event a wonderful experience and memorable. Love KLA & SSF. “  – Vasumathi M, Hackathon Participant

Some Participant Highlights:

Thank You

Board Member

Jayashree Sundaresan

Jayashree Sundaresan is a Senior Technology leader with 24+ years of experience. A servant leader at heart, she strongly believes in creating positive impact to transform people beyond who they think they are and what they think they can achieve. Jayashree is very passionate about empowering women, guiding children, giving back to society and focusing on wellness as a priority. She is also a die-hard sports enthusiast and a singer. She thoroughly enjoys coaching & mentoring people to share and learn. Jayashree holds a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and an MBA from Santa Clara University, USA.

“I am thrilled to join the Board of Directors at SSF and impact lives by helping with the education of underprivileged, deserving, bright, and passionate students. The vision and mission of SSF aims to pull families out of generational poverty through the skill building, mentoring, training and sponsorship of scholars. This energises me and resonates with my values and beliefs to lead change in communities through working with children, educating them and helping them gain confidence, perspective and a lifelong desire to be a force of positive impact.”

Advisor & Board Observer

Uma Meyyappan

SVP, Head of Digital Innovation, LPL Financial

“Uma is an Innovation Technology Executive with over 20 years of experience in the Financial services industry where she accelerates business value with the use of emerging technology.

Uma’s extensive research in financial technologies such as digital payments, biometrics, augmented reality, and Internet of Things (IoT) has resulted in over 35 issued US patents to her name.

Uma is a Founding LP in Neythri Futures Fund and Founding circle member in Neythri, an organization that promotes south asian women. Being a strong believer of child literacy and education Uma is delighted to assist Shooting Stars Foundation eradicate generational poverty through STEM education.”

Board Member

Kevin Lee

Program Manager at NVIDIA

“Kevin has over 10 years experience in leadership roles in the Finance and Technology sectors. Prior to joining NVIDIA, Kevin taught at University of California, Berkeley and helped the school transition from in-person learning to online learning.

Kevin is passionate about learning, teaching, and fostering innovation from future generations. Having witnessed first-hand the positive impact education can have on his students’ career prospects, Kevin is excited to contribute to Shooting Stars Foundation and its mission to break the cycle of poverty through STEM education. “

Advisor & Board Observer

Brian McCann

President, Security Solutions at Neustar, Inc.

“High-energy business leader with passion for driving growth in organizations and cyber security technologies – and education foundations!

SSF’s founder and mission are rooted in empowering others to take control to improve their future. STEM education is a proven and scalable path to break generational poverty.”

Board Member

Dawna Taylor

Regional Director with the Global Services Department for Cognia,

“Dawna L. Taylor is the Regional Director with the Global Services Department for Cognia, the largest School Improvement organization globally. Before joining Cognia, Ms. Taylor served as the Assistant Vice President of K-12 programs for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. She also led, designed, and oversaw an out-of-school STEM program for middle and high school students in Baltimore, MD, and Vicksburg, MS. She has been an elementary teacher, reading specialist, assistant principal, and principal in traditional public schools and charter schools.

Ms. Taylor served as Director of Blended Learning Programs for one of the nation’s largest public cyber schools. Her professional expertise is in developing, managing, and consulting for charter schools and STEM Outreach programs across the country. Ms. Taylor has a Bachelor’s Degree from Florida A&M University in Elementary Education and her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, Supervision, and Administration from Jones International University. She is the proud mother of two adult children, Raleigh and Morgan.”