At Shooting Stars, we firmly believe that education is the only way to break the cycle of generational poverty. By providing STEM College scholarships to financially eligible students in India and Africa, as well as STEM education programs to underserved communities in the U.S, we help support and motivate young people as they work to achieve their dreams.

What Drives Us ?


Of youth aged 18-23 enroll in college(Africa)


Of youth aged 18-23 enroll in college(India)

Among employed adults with a bachelor’s degree or higher, black workers are just 7% and Hispanics are 6% of the STEM workforce

Among all 2017 AP Computer Science test takers

Three-fourths of STEM workers say that the biggest obstacle to racial diversity in STEM fields is that Black and Hispanic students are less likely to have access to a quality education to prepare them for these fields.





What We Do ?

For STEM Scholars

For STEM College Scholars in India and Africa , Shooting Stars offers financial scholarships, training in various areas like English, self-confidence, placement and professional mentorship. In short, we exist to fuel their ambition so that their dreams become lifelong realities.


of supported scholars are first generation graduates


of supported scholars have a total family income under $50 per month

For Corporates

Corporate partnerships are critical to the fulfillment of our mission. Our partner organizations make technology programs possible, increasing access to meaningful educational opportunities. They are instrumental in breaking down the barriers to equitable education opportunities for the low income and minority students we serve.


Corporate Employee Volunteers


Hackathons hosted in partnership with corporations

“Over the last 4 years, we’ve sponsored 7 in person hackathons well as virtual events. The recent hackathon garnered 47 employees from the company. In addition to the satisfaction of working with students, a hackathon is an intense team-building and engagement opportunity for employees” 

Karen McCloskey
Corporate Sponsorship, NetScout

For Students with STEM Interest

Shooting Stars executes several hands-on, professionally mentored, state of art technology programs in an effort to inspire youth to explore STEM programs which otherwise they may not have access to.


Youth participants in tech programs


Tech Education programs hosted

Our Impact

Investing in Shooting Stars is investing in a future that is more equitable. The impact of our work not only benefits scholars, but also has a profound impact on their families and communities as well. By increasing access in underserved communities, we hope to change the landscape of education, making it more equitable for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.


College scholars funded


Minority students served

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Come, join us in our journey to level the playing field for under-served students across the world giving them opportunities to succeed!