Shooting Stars organizes – “Aspirant Star Hacks” programs for high school students , mostly,  underrepresented minority communities and girls.

  • There is a critical need in these communities for STEM education
  • These hackathons provide a safe space for these communities to experiment in technology which they lack access to
  • These communities get exposed to professional mentors on the hackathon days giving them a possibility of what is out there in the tech world
  • The hackathons provide a non traditional way of learning technology which otherwise is an intimidating experience for these communities, since these are organized by high schoolers

Boston (Westford) Hackathon - March 2019

Shooting Stars Foundation conducted the Boston (Westford) Hackathon on Mar 16th 2019 – Saturday – 9 AM to 9 PM.
Out of 125 registrations, about 103 students showed up ! It was held at the premises of NetScout Systems who were also the major sponsor of the event ! Vice presidents and Directors of NetScout and RedHat were judges of the event. Michael Gennert, an eminent professor of computer science and robotics department from WPI was the key note speaker. CodeWiz taught MIT AppInventor for attendees.
The day started with a robot demo by StormGears, Music performance by Indian Hill, prep & mentoring  for technical workshop, mentoring the attendees for their projects, preparing and managing judging process, team project presentations, scoring and awards ceremony, and finally ended with a cleanup.
The judges appeared to enjoy the project presentations and were engaged with the teams with Q&A. Some of the interesting project themes were:
Blue Heart Emergency Health Alert, Turning Food Waste into Food,  Green Community – Give back to community, Medibrace – Modern Medical Assistor, Get on your feet – Fitness Tracking, Robotic Trash Can.
Exciting prizes for winners and swags for everyone were distributed
More info at www.star-hacks.com

NetScout Hackathon, San Jose, Sep 2018

D1 NTCT Hackathon flyer
Hackathon Collage

The very first Shooting Stars Civic Hackathon was organized at NetScout Systems , San Jose. Thanks for the generous sponsorship of Netscout systems, where we hosted about 70 high school students to participate in the hackathon. This was done in collaboration with teenhacks.org. There were about 30+ students who were first time hackers and they were mentored both with a brainstorming session as well as corporate employees who helped with the activities. A broad range of criteria were considered during judging the social impact apps that were created by the students and numerous exciting prizes were awarded !