EAH Low Income Housing

Game Design Camp

The Details

Program Goal

SSF is dedicated to increasing access to STEM education for all. The goal of our Game Design Camp is to introduce students to game design and programming basics in a fun and hands on way.

Participant Break Down

14 students between 2nd – 6th grade from 5 different EAH Housing Locations in California

Our Peer Coaches

Brett Renaud was the instructor for our April 2022 Game Design Camp. Brett was introduced to coding in the 11th grade. He enjoys working with SSF because he likes helping others understand coding as well. On is free time he plays video games and solve many kinds of Rubik’s cubes!

Anaya Jain was the Assistant Instructor for our April 2022 Game Design Camp. Anaya started coding in 6th Grade and has learned Java, Python, HTML, C, JavaScript and CSS. Coding is one of her favorite activities to do because she loves looking at problems and finding different ways to solve them!

Camp Overview


Students had introductions and learned about video game structure


Students continued learning about game structure and went over how to set up the graphics of a video game


Students learned how to program, code, and how to set up game function


Students finished up the programming and fine tuning of their their game


Showcase/Demo Day! Students explained and presented their finished video game !

Students in Action


Students worked together to create a video game from start to finish

Students discussed and presented their game design project to SSF and EAH reps and competed for first place

More than $400 distributed to participants in rewards and incentives

Students leave camp with a finished game design and basic programming knowledge – a good introduction to programming!

Certificates and winners declared and full class graduation

Students reported a significant increase in their understanding of and their comfort with game design and development after the camp

Survey Results


"Anaya was very helpful and encouraged me with my game, the pace was good and she made it really easy to get caught up when I was behind."
"I had a wonderful experience with my instructors. They were helpful and answered all my questions, and they created breakout rooms to help me when my game wasn’t working."
"I found the camp very fun. I was so happy I was able to create a video game."
“I loved assisting with this camp! Seeing the accomplishment in their faces really made me happy to bring that kind of emotion to students. I believe this camp was great because students were able to learn about coding in a fun way and feel excited about doing it!”
Assistant Peer Mentor
"Instructor Anaya and Brett were fun and helped me with coding. In this camp, I learned how to code and get out of my comfort zone."

Thank You Organizers!

Amanda Clapper, Brett Renaud, Anaya Jain, Mahima Natarajan, Melissa Hurtado, Latha Nara

Kristin Taylor, Jesus Becerra, Connie Chan, Edward Gama, Michelle Parker, Jessica Soria, Trisha Garcia, Casey Ortal, Kelsey Holway, Analie Diaz