Adopt A Scholar



1. You choose Shooting Stars Foundation

We are your partners to help you connect with under privileged Scholars who need your support for their college education.

SSF family comprises of 250 scholars from 5 countries; 200+ volunteers; 200+ donor families and growing ...

Being a Shooting Stars Foundation donor is an amazing opportunity to make a true impact on the lives of deserving students around the world by funding the college education partially or completely. By being a donor- mentor, you have the chance to not only fund a scholar’s education, but also make a personal impact on their lives by offering them advice and support if preferred.

We are inviting you to join us to uplift scholar families and help us continue to lead and  create powerful stories and positive impacts in the community.


2. You commit

Whether it is small or large, your donations matter.

Here are a few ways to make the donation:

  • Through Zelle - our email ID is
  • Mail a check to: Shooting Stars Foundation, 2197 Plumleigh Dr, Fremont, CA 94539.
  • Donate by credit card, by visiting our Donor page
  • Once you make the donation, you could also apply for a match through your company's website, use SSF Tax ID: 46-2174148

If you have any questions, please connect with SSF volunteer or email


3. You tell us and we Listen

SSF team listens to your preferences and provide scholar recommendations who completed SSF background checks

SSF volunteer will listen to you to understand any preference you might have in the sponsorship based on scholar location, gender and/or course specialization. SSF team strives to accommodate requests if it is feasible, reasonable and aligns with the core values. SSF scholar selection for sponsorship includes the following criteria.

  • Verified economic status
  • Highly motivated
  • Strong academic performance despite their status

Preference is given primarily to engineering and medical students. We partner with local nonprofit organization, university administration officials and use other networking opportunities to identify under privileged students who meet the above SSF criteria. SSF team helps with the home visits and in person interviews. They provide the human factor verification to make sure deserving students are considered for SSF sponsorship.


4. You connect with the scholar(s)

You get the opportunity to talk to the scholar(s) you sponsor.

 SSF volunteer will set up a time & mediate a video call for you to interact with the scholars(s). It is a rewarding experience for both student and the donor.

Follow the SSF communications to know more about the journey of other donors and scholars.


5. You receive updates from scholar

SSF team strives to provide holistic support for the scholar. Scholar updates through his academic years are provided as per the donor’s preference. 

SSF team provides holistic support to the scholars and keeps track of the scholar’s progress, his/her performance in college and achievements outside of college work. Support includes enrichment programs like training for interview skills and other mentorship initiatives for needed students. You can choose to be involved as per your preference in these initiatives.

SSF team will continue to engage the scholars you sponsor through multiple channels listed below. You can stay in touch with the scholar(s) through the academic years and more.

  • Email updates every 6 months about the scholar(s).
  • Periodic conference calls mediated by SSF volunteer
  • Periodic video updates from scholars
  • In-person meet with the scholar if the donor is interested and if this option is feasible.

6. Educate|Empower|Enable

The partnership you have started with SSF continues to build powerful stories. We encourage you to continue your support with your time and resources.

Use learning to Enable more learning.

Let us know your feedback -> email