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Entrepreneurship Camp Recap

The Details

Program Goal

The goal of our Entrepreneurship Program is to help introduce students to business and entrepreneurship. Help students develop a business from idea to pitch!

Participant Break Down

  • 20 Registered
  • 12 Completed the program
  • Between 7th – 11th grade
  • From 6 different EAH Locations
    • Archway Commons – CA
    • Summer Park – CA
    • Elena Garden – CA
    • Avena Bella & Avena Bella II – CA
    • Cathedral Gardens – CA
    • Kukui Gardens – HI

Entrepreneurship Camp Overview:

  • 1 Week Online Program
  • Develop functional business idea
  • Learn critical aspects of Entrepreneurship
  • Learn from professional mentors – Industry Experts
  • Final pitch to professional judges


Professional Mentors

Chris Gaebler
Chief Marketing Officer at
Kevin Lee
Sr. Content Developer, Deep Learning at NVIDIA
Subha Sriram
Senior IT Executive, Founder/ CEO, Stratiqe Inc,
Theresa Abbamondi
Vice President, Product Marketing at Plixer

Peer Mentors

Ananya Cheela
Dvija Guduru
Aparna Gande

Camp Overview


Learned about Ideation & Product Management Concepts


Lesson on Finalizing Ideas and Finalizing Product Design/ Features


Lesson on Marketing Concepts and reviewed marketing strategies within teams


Lesson on Business Pitching Concepts and Finalizing Pitch Deck within teams


Students presented to their peers, EAH & SSF leaders, and 2 Industry expert judges

Students in Action

Team 1: Health Nut: The Diet App
Team 2: Glow in the Dark Clothing Line
Team 3: Unbound: The Gaming App
Team 4: Delicate Clothing Line


Students worked together to build a business plan from start to finish

Students presented their business plans to judges  and competed for first place

More than $400 distributed to participants in rewards and incentives

Students leave camp with a fully developed business plan ready to be showcased in a high school application or job interview

Certificates and winners declared and full class showcase and award ceremony on final day of camp 

All students reported a dramatic increase in their understanding of general business principles and their comfort with entrepreneurship after the camp

Program Impact

Professional Skills

  • Hands on experience
  • Mentored by experts
  • Pivot to launch a company

Soft Skills

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Decision making
  • Time management
  • Communication

Strategic Skills

  • Innovate and create thinking
  • Design thinking
  • Influencing

Survey Results

Over 50 %
of students reported their understanding of business concepts and entrepreneurship increased significantly by participating in this camp
50 %
of students reported that they would recommend this camp to their friends
50 %
of students reported that they would be interested in future SSF camps covering different set of topics

Certificates & Prizes

Daily Kahoot Winners

Day 1

Sandra Mora Gonzalez

Day 2

Solomon Taichuud

Day 3

Bryan Vasquez

Day 4

Solomon Taichuud

Best Participation Winners

Brandon Leon
Bryan Vasquez
Sandra Mora Gonzalez

Final Showcase Winners: Team 2

Adrianah Garcia
Devon Bland
Nikita Oil

All final participants receive Certifications of Completion & Participation Awards:


My favorite part of camp was learning how to put together a project in a week and talking to new people
Sandra Mora
The EAH camp was a blast. I enjoyed meeting new students and educating them on concepts that are a foundation to a successful future. I was able to teach valuable lessons while learning a few things myself. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything and I overall hope that all students took something away from the camp and enjoyed showing off their creative side!
Ananya Cheela
The best part of camp was figuring out how to build and run a company with my team
Devon Bland
Thanks to Mrs. Subha I was able to learn about how whether I'm passionate or not of my dream work. I learned about the circle that reflected if my dream job would give me things like happiness, money, passion, etc.
Brandon Leon

Thank You Organizers!

Ananya Cheela, Dvija Guduru, Aparna Gande,Mariel Geron, Melissa Hurtado, Latha Nara

Kristin Taylor, Laura Hernandez, Jesus Becerra, Anai Ortiz, Chris Burger, Connie M. Chan, Michelle Parker, Valerie Vannorsdell, Haley Nolasco, Helen Lee, Casey Ortal, Analie Diaz, Jasmine Wilson, John Hoo, Linna Whitmore, Tina Silva