Online Summer Camps 2020 (Virginia Based Coaches)

  • Session 1 runs from July 13th - July 19th
  • Session 2 runs from July 20th - July 26th
  • Each camp session costs $25
  • Class participants will be communicated in WhatsApp (Messaging Platform) after registration for specific class times to allow maximum flexibility for the participants.
  • Each class will be conducted through zoom meetings
  • To fully register first fill out the google form then pay through the eventbrite links under each camp; if you’re participating in multiple camps fill the google form out once.
  • Both sessions have the same content, the second session is not an extension of Session 1 but a repeat.
  • Questions? Email  or text 202-758-5764

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*Fill this Google Form first before paying down below:

STEP 2: 

Click on the buttons to pay for respective camps

Camp (For grades 2-6)Session A Payment link (July 13th - July 19th)Session B Payment link (July 20th - July 26th)FlyerHigh School Coach Experience
Tiny Scientists (10AM-11AM EST): Conduct exciting science labs using supplies found at home. SOLD OUT! Student teacher is experienced in many high school science classes such as biology and chemistry. Has also taken honors classes and will proceed to take Advanced Placement biology as a junior. Also has experience teaching for the last two years.
Bookworm club (11AM-12PM EST): Explore new literature, play story-based trivia, and engage in in-depth conversation SOLD OUT! Has taken advanced level English courses and has written articles for the school magazine for an estimate of two years. She is also a logical and a critical thinker who has experience teaching through school programs.
Web Design (2PM-3PM EST): Learn to build and design personalized websites using HTML and CSS SOLD OUT! Has taken AP Computer Science A and has successfully completed it along with two other web design and coding programs. Also has experience teaching.
Speech (3PM-4PM EST): Strengthen public speaking abilities and learn to be a skilled and effective debater SOLD OUT! Has won debate tournaments regionally and has participated in many model united nations conferences as well. Enjoys public speaking and has taken classes related to it in school.
Arts and Crafts (4PM-5PM EST): Improve skills in sketching and origami through fun projects and activities SOLD OUT! SOLD OUT! Has taken many art classes and has won awards within the art classes. Has also participated in many different art competitions over the years.
Creative Writing (5PM-6PM EST): Develop writing skills by channeling creativity into fun stories and projects SOLD OUT! Writer and Section Editor for the Purple Tide which is one of the best high school publications in the east coast. Has taken journalism classes and is very skilled at writing and has experience teaching.