Rules and Guidelines

  • Actions and items (e.g., tools, notes, resources, supplies, electronics, etc.) are permitted, unless they are explicitly excluded in the rules, are unsafe, or violate the spirit of the problem.
  • While competing in an event, participants may not leave without the event supervisor's approval and must not receive any external assistance. All electronic devices capable of external communication as well as calculator applications on multipurpose devices (e.g. laptop, phone, tablet) are not permitted unless expressly permitted in the event rule or by an event supervisor. Cell phones, if not permitted, must be turned off. Participants may be required to place their cell phones in a designated location.
  • Participants and other adults are responsible for ensuring that any applicable policy, law or regulation is not broken.
  • All pre-built devices presented for judging must be constructed, impounded, and operated by one or more of the current team members. If a device has been removed from the event area, appeals related to that device will not be considered.
  • Participants must put forth their best effort in the competition and uphold the principles of honest competition. In their events, they will compete with integrity, respect, and sportsmanship towards their fellow competitors. They will display courtesy towards Event Supervisors.
  • All school rules are applicable at the competition.
  • Participants may not bring or do anything that may put them self or others in harm. Examples include playing with fire or knives.
  • Report all accidents, injuries, and breakage of glass or equipment to instructor immediately.
  • Keep pathways clear by placing extra items (books, bags, etc.) on the shelves or under the work tables. If under the tables, make sure that these items can not be stepped on.
  • Unauthorized experiments or procedures must not be attempted.
  • Leave your workstation clean and in good order before leaving the area.
  • Do not lean, hang over or sit on the tables.
  • Do not leave your assigned area without permission of the instructor.
  • Fooling around or "horse play" during the competition is absolutely forbidden. Students found in violation of this safety rule will be barred from participating.
  • Follow all instructions given by your instructor.
  • Wear sensible attire with closed toed shoes.Transport all materials and equipment safely.
  • No eating or drinking during any time other than the break. Quick water breaks are allowed with permission.