K - 2 (Lower Elementary)

General Information

The purpose of this competition is for students to be introduced and expand their interest in the different areas of S.T.E.A.M. This term stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Teams in this division must consist of students that are either in Kindergarten, First or Second grade. Each team must consist of a maximum of 4 students. This competition will consist of 3 challenges, which are engineering, quiz bowl, and earth buddies challenge.

Engineering Challenge

Engineering is an important aspect that is often essential for students to master. In testing these crucial skills, the engineering challenge will allow teams to create a fun, simple engineering project that will perform a pre-disclosed simple task. Teams will showcase their project to the judges who will ask open-ended questions about the project. A point system, points based on Q&A responses, efficiency, and machine creativity, will be used to determine the winner in this portion of the competition.

Quiz Bowl

It is often necessary for students to have a basic knowledge of science and mathematics. For this challenge teams will participate in a rapid-fire quiz tournament. The teams will be tested about their knowledge of science, math, and technology. This challenge will follow a double-elimination tourney style. Questions in this challenge will not be multiple choice. Points will be based on ranking in the tournament and how many total questions they answered correctly, which will determine their ranking in the Quiz Bowl (1st place, 2nd place, etc.).

Earth-Buddies Challenge

In this challenge, teams will need to come up with an innovative idea to resolve a real-world problem (the topic for K-2 will be given once the team has registered). In explaining their idea, the teams will create a poster that discusses possible solutions to the given topic. Points will be awarded for the level of detail, usage of relevant and accurate facts, appearance, and comprehensibility.

** All teams should have 4 members. Once registered for the competition, details on Challenges and Quiz topics will be emailed to the team**