6 - 8 (Middle School)

General Information

Present in a variety of activities, science is an important aspect of our lives. The best way to introduce the importance of science and mathematics is through a competition that  focuses on S.T.E.A.M. — Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. This division of the STEAM Bee will consist of teams of 4 members who are in grades 6 - 8. This STEAM Bee will consist of 3 challenges: an Engineering, Quiz Bowl, and an Earth Buddies challenge.

Engineering Challenge

Engineering is a prevalent aspect in a variety of activities and applications, ranging from an occurrence as simple as turning on your bedroom light to the complicated workings of machinery. The engineering challenge will test the teams’ mastery in creating a machine that will achieve the specified task. The teams can brainstorm outside of the competition but the building must be done in the competition with a certain time limit attached. Once the building period has passed, judges will question the teams about the machine. This challenge will be graded based on the machine’s efficiency and creativity, and the team’s knowledge and proficiency in answering engineering related questions.

Quiz Bowl

It is crucial for students to be educated and aware of a variety of fields in science and math. In this part of the competition, teams will be tested on their knowledge of science, technology, and math in a fast-paced double-elimination tournament. Points will be earned by teams for answering questions correctly and for the duration they stayed competing in the game.

Earth-Buddies Challenge

There are currently a variety of problems that are of global importance that directly affect the environment. In this challenge, teams will be asked to come up with an innovative and creative solution to a real-world problem that will be given on the day of the competition. In presenting their solution, the teams will create either a skit or produce a poster that effectively presents the solution and how practical it is in a real-world scenario. Points will be given based on the level of detail, the usage of credible and accurate facts, comprehensiveness and overall presentation.


** All teams should have 4 members. Once registered for the competition, details on Challenges and Quiz topics will be emailed to the team**