3 - 5 (Upper Elementary)

General Information

For young learners, science is just an extension of their everyday world. We don’t have to teach kids how to wonder, discover, and explore through play because they do it naturally. What better way is there to improve this skill opposed to introducing them to STEAM at a young age? This broad term stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. This Steam-a-Thon competition allows these young bright minds to do just that. The competition is designed for teams of 4 in grades 3-5. It will consist of 3 challenges: A pre-prepared engineering challenge, a quiz bowl, and an Earth buddies challenge. Each challenge is designed to help students get interested in the stem field and provide them an opportunity to experience it. Details about each challenge can be found below. In order to win this competition a team must score the highest number of points.

Engineering Challenge

For this challenge, teams will engineer an innovative structure to complete an assigned task. Teams can brainstorm outside of the competition but the building must be done in the competition with a certain time limit attached. Teams will then have to be prepared for questions asked by judges. A point system based on creativity, efficiency, and thoroughness will be used to judge this part of the competition.

Quiz Bowl

In this section, teams will compete head-to-head answering questions regarding science, math, and technology. Teams will then be awarded points based on their ranking using the double-elimination style tournament. Bonus points will also be given to teams who answer the most questions after the first two rounds. All the questions in the challenge will be open response and can mostly be answered with single word responses.

Earth-Buddies Challenge

In this challenge, teams will be provided a scenario based upon current world issues. Respective to the provided scenario, teams will have a specified period of time to create a poster or a skit of the solution, which they will required to present within a 5-10 minute time frame. Following each teams presentation, the judges will conduct a Q&A session where in the contestants can explain their solution. Teams will be judged based on their creativity, cooperation, and presentation.


** All teams should have 4 members. Once registered for the competition, details on Challenges and Quiz topics will be emailed to the team**