Apr 25 Oregon Childrens Academy Portland, OR

Portland Steamathon – April 25th, 2020

Registration for the Portland Steam-a-thon is now open. Participants, who will be working in teams of four, will be taking part in three innovative challenges:

Engineering Challenge

  1. Prepare a balsa wood bridge the display the creativity and stability of the bridge (FOR K-2 and 3-5 division)
  2. Prepare a mousetrap powered car that displays the creativity and efficiency(FOR 6-8 division)
  3. Recommended preparation time for engineering challenge is about four to five weeks

Jeopardy Challenge

  1. Based on science topic related to grade level
  2. Study material and sample questions will be sent to teams after registration

Poster Challenge

  1. Create a poster on how a common everyday routine affects our health. 
  2. Show creative ways in which we can improve our health

This is a great opportunity to show teamwork skills, win awards and get an insight into the STEM field!

Please spread the word to your friends as the STEAM-A-THON incorporates groups of four participants per team. We hope to see you there!

If you don’t have a team, register as an individual and we will find a team for you. 

Register today- Early bird ends Mar 8; Individual - $30; Team - $110 ( for 4 kids)

Steam-a-thon - Portland - April 20th, 2019

On April 20, 2019, Shooting Stars Foundation conducted the first ever STEAM-A-THON competition in Portland, OR. 
About 100 kids registered for the competition, and it was a wonderful time for both the kids and officers! Kids participated in a series of 3 challenges: engineering challenge, quiz bowl, and earth buddies. For the engineering challenge teams designed a Rube Goldberg machine that would complete specific tasks. Teams used their physics knowledge and engineering skills to help create their projects. The quiz bowl consisted of a series of rapid-fire questions on STEM-related subjects such as math, physics, biology, environment, etc. In the earth buddies challenge, teams discussed current world issues such as ocean pollution and climate change. It was fascinating to see the youth discuss their passion for creating a better future.
The judging paneling consisted of experts and professionals in the various fields of STEM. They gave constructive advice to teams as well as inspiring them to take their newly acquired knowledge and apply it to the real world. One judge mentioned how the ideas and innovations created at this event could one day help solve an issue in the world.
Overall it was a fun and interactive experience for everyone. It was touching to witness kids showcase a deep passion for the STEM field. Top finishers received prizes.
More info can be found at

Steam-a-thon - Fremont - April 6th, 2019

Shooting Stars Foundation held its very first Steam-A-Thon Competition on April 6, 2019 Saturday from 8 AM to 4 PM at Brilliant Minds Academy, Fremont. We had about 60 registrations and a great turnout on the day of the competition. Our Bay Area Shooting Stars Team of dedicated high school and adult volunteers arrived between 7 AM and 8 AM to set up the event and prepare for a day of fun competition. We were lucky to have teaching professionals, ranging from elementary school teachers to principals, participate as judges for our competition. 
The competition consisted of three science challenges: Engineering Challenge, Quiz Bowl, and Earth Buddies. Each team came prepared with their rube goldberg machines and presentations on environmental issues. The teams not only presented the research they acquired, but also innovative solutions to environmental issues and feasible solutions that can be implemented in the local communities.  The event came to an end with the distribution of awards and collecting feedback from the parents and participants. The first Bay Area STEAM-A-Thon was a success filled with loads of fun!


About registration:

  • Each team should have four people, no more or no less.
  • Every team member in each team must be in their specific grade division. For example, a 3rd grader will not be able to join a team in the Kindergarten to 2nd Grade division.
  • Every team should also have one team manager (an adult), who will take responsibility for any action that other team members do at the competition.
  • Each team will pay a nominal registration fee for every member, and all proceeds go towards providing for international college scholarships for unprivileged students through Shooting Stars Foundation.
  • The registration form can be found on the tab that says “Register Now!”
  • We recommend that every team has their own signature t-shirt which clearly displays their team name. This will help us locate all the team members.
  • All team members must stay on the campus until the event is over.
  • More details regarding the schedule and the competition will be sent in email once the team registers.
  • Click here for Frequently Asked Questions