The STEAM-a-Thon is an exciting and new program that introduces students from Kindergarten to eighth grade to growing fields so that they can understand the countless benefits that lie from studying the diverse topics that are part of STEAM. By providing three different, yet related challenges, the students are able to gain first-hand experience with challenges that many professionals in the STEAM field face today. From building a car to advertising a solution to global warming, the STEAM-a-Thon introduces a new environment to students, where they will need to think outside of the box multiple times. Through the competition, students will also be able to master a few additional beneficial skills, such as public speaking and presentation skills that will become essential once they enter the STEAM field. Any student who wants an opportunity to explore the STEAM field is welcome to participate in the STEAM-a-Thon!

About registration:

  • Each team should have four people, no more or no less.
  • Every team member in each team must be in their specific grade division. For example, a 3rd grader will not be able to join a team in the Kindergarten to 2nd Grade division.
  • Every team should also have one team manager (an adult), who will take responsibility for any action that other team members do at the competition.
  • Each team will pay a nominal registration fee for every member, and all proceeds go towards providing for international college scholarships for unprivileged students through Shooting Stars Foundation.
  • The registration form can be found on the tab that says “Register Now!”
  • We recommend that every team has their own signature t-shirt which clearly displays their team name. This will help us locate all the team members.
  • All team members must stay on the campus until the event is over.
  • More details regarding the schedule and the competition will be sent in email once the team registers.