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Yokesh N


Electronics & Communication Engineering - Anna University - Tamil Nadu, India


Yokesh is currently studying his first year of Electronics & Communication Engineering in Anna University, on the Guindy campus. He scored 487 on his 10th grade exams and got the opportunity to study 11th and 12th grade free of cost. He took the computer science group in his 11th & 12th grade and scored 1159 in 12th grade. He did all of his schooling in an English medium.  Doing BE was his decision and his parents were supportive of it.

 His dad is a bike mechanic and mom is a home maker.  He has a sister who will be in her 12th grade this year. As a child, his dad would not allow him in his bike mechanic shop because of his fear that Yokesh would become a mechanic as well instead of focusing on his studies.

In the future he wants to complete his BE and go to a job. After that he wants to be an entrepreneur. In his free time, he does computer aided design and other programming, and reads lot of books related to programming. He is planning  to be a founder of a tech start up.

If he did not get the help from the non-profit organization, he would have had to take a student loan to do his engineering.  He is grateful for the scholarship and definitely wants to help others in their education as he understands what it means to struggle financially for education.