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Shivaleela Gondi

Shivaleela Gondi

Nursing - J.G. Co-Operative Hospital Society's School of Nursing - Ghataprabha - Karnataka - INDIA


Pictured above is Shivaleela Gondi. She is one of six members in her family, with her mother, father, and siblings. The only source of income in their household is her father, who is a factory worker. His income is only 40,000 Rs, so funding Gondi’s education is a struggle.

Despite these struggles, Gondi has showed extreme dedication towards her academics and future. She is currently studying to be a nurse at Diploma Nursing, and in doing so has received excellent marks in all of her exams: 19 out of 25 in Anatomy and Physiology and 17 out of 20 in Psychology. Moreover, in all of her classes she has received A’s.

In the short term, Gondi wishes to finish her education with high marks and become a nurse. In the long term, she wishes to assist students like her financially in their education. Gondi loves the field of nursing due to her interest in patient care. Ultimately, she wants to help make the world a healthier place.