Shasi Kumar Reddy

Shashi Kumar Reddy

Electrical and communications engineering - Saveetha Engineering College - Chennai - TAMIL NADU - INDIA


An inspiring story on Shashi Kumar Reddy:

Shashi Kumar Reddy was brought up in the Kadapa District in Andhra Pradesh, India. His family consists of his father, mother, and younger brother, who live in a village of roughly twenty similar homes. In September of 2008, however, Shashi and his family grieved the loss of his father due to an accident. His younger brother is currently attending “2-plus”, which is known as intermediate in the state of Andhra Pradesh, and will be writing his board exams soon. The family holds two acres of farmland, but due to the condition of the land and lack of rainfall, no crops have been grown for the past four years. These unfortunate circumstances have kept Shashi’s mother unemployed for years; because she is uneducated, the family is left without a source of direct income.

Shashi and his family have been able to afford his early education at a private school, because of his father’s friend, who procured a 30% discount from the school fees. Due to the OC (open category), it is difficult for Shashi and his brother to receive any government scholarships for their schooling. Today, Shashi is pursuing his education at Saveetha Engineering College in Chennai, India. Shashi moved to a different state not knowing much about the college, but he made his decision to attend the college to meet and learn about new people. In college, however, Shashi faces the challenge of not being able to receive the proper academic material to pursue his degree in ECE. Luckily, he has found a mentor who is invested in teaching him and helping him understand the material.

From a young age, Shashi’s mother has taught him that money is not the most important thing, but rather getting a good name is. After obtaining his degree, depending on his family’s financial status, Shashi seeks to pursue a higher degree. As for now, Shashi is geared towards the work field of electrical and communications engineering. He is currently paying for his education with a student loan of interest of 1.5%-2%, and also has some money owed to him from high-school. Shashi’s motivation to pursue an education and drive to exceed expectations has led him into the warm hands of our organization.