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Saranya is from the town Kanchipuram near Chennai in Tamil Nadu. She is living in her uncle’s house with her uncle, mother, younger brother, and grandparents. Her Dad left the house when she was young and her Mom currently works and brings up the kids alone. Her mother works as a security guard during nights at a Nissan building, and her brother is studying twelfth grade. Saranya’s Mother works hard to meet the family’s needs and Saranya missed her mother a lot when she was young.

Saranya studied at a government school from first to twelfth grade, and poured herself into her education. With her mother’s support and motivation, Saranya always ranked first in her classes. She scored 1179 out of 1200 for her final exam, only missing points in the Language portion. She got admission into college through Government Quota (scholarship from the government for those students who secure high marks and are in poverty).

Saranya’s first year of college was funded by her high school teachers, who wanted her to continue her education. Her government school’s taught in Tamil, so she had a bit of a challenge to adjust to English once in college. However, she believes in her ability to learn, and is already keeping up with the change of language. Saranya, a hard-working student, wakes up at 5:30 AM to keep up with the demands of her education.

During vacation times, she helps her mother in cooking and other household chores. During leisure time, she goes to library and reads a lot of Tamil books and listens to music. She enjoys books written by Mr. Iraianbu IAS. Saranya is inspired by this IAS Officer as he motivated her to study well and he is a role model for her.

Saranya is very dedicated and determined to study. When we asked her about what she would have done had she not got any funds/help for college fees, she replied without thinking that she will apply for education loan and continue her studies.

After college, Saranya’s dream is to become an IAS (Indian Administrative Services) Officer, a government role in India, and serve the nation. And she works hard toward that goal every day.