Santhiya is from Manamadurai, Tamil Nadu. Her family owns cultivation lands, but since they don’t have a motor facility, they can only sow the fields when there is water in the canal. For the rest of the year, Santhiya’s father does work including loading lorries, taking small positions in big companies, or working a brick kiln.

Santhiya has both an older brother and sister. Her brother serves in the army, and her sister, married and living elsewhere, has finished her Msc BEd. Though Santhiya’s brother sends money for expenses, the family’s income is not steady, as her father’s payment depends on employment availability and season, and her mother does not work.

As Santhiya’s parents were uneducated, they insisted that their children should receive education. Santhiya, who had made up her mind to join a service that was not well-represented in her village, changed her mind from joining the police force to MBBS. As she did not have the funds for tuition, she got a loot of guidance from her teachers. Because Santhiya made very good grades, she went to Manamadurai Government School from 9th onwards. After finishing secondary, Santhiya took the NEET entrance, and secured a government medical college to study MBBS.

Santhiya selected Sivagangai College for its proximity to home. She now attends school from 8:30 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon. Discussing the courses with friends helps her understand the English better. Further in life, Santhiya wants to study surgery or cardiology, and she is now studying very hard to secure a masters in medicine.