1.Photo - MF385 Karthick S

S. Karthick

MBBS , K.A.P.V Government Medical College, Tiruchirapalli-Tamilnadu, India


Karthick is doing his MBBS in KAPV govt college in India. His hometown is a village in Salem, where he lived with his mother and father. Karthick’s father is a saree weaver and his mother stays at home. His father paid for all of his schooling up to 10th grade. Later, he moved schools and got good marks there. Karthick studied by himself without tuition and read many books, earning him a seat at a medical college. 

 In his free time, Karthick likes to write poetry as well as stories, and also likes to play volleyball and badminton. From a young age it was Karthick’s dream to become a doctor. 

Karthick plans on pursuing an MS after completing his degree. Shooting stars has played a big role in his education, he wants to give back by helping more students study to become a doctor as he did.