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Ravi Shankar Shanmugam

MBBS, Government Medical College, Coimbatore-Tamilnadu, India


Pictured above is Ravi Shankar Shanmugam - medical student at Government medical college, Coimbatore. Ravi Shankar is quite the exceptional student, earning a 486/500 marks in the 10th grade. Due to these very high marks, he earned a free seat at Veveaham Higher Secondary School in 11th and 12th grade. In 12th grade, he earned an excellent 1171/1200 marks. Now, for university, he studies at Coimbatore Government Medical College. 

However, Shanmugam’s road to success has not always been easy. Coming from a village, his parents could not afford to pay for all of his education. However, he wishes that once he becomes a doctor, he can help the needy and other students who are in similar situations as him.