Rajani Ellora

Chartered Accountant, Master Minds Institute, Tirupathi, India.

Rajani Ellora is studying to be a Chartered Accountant at Master Minds Institure, Tirupathi, India. Rajani comes from a village known as Erramvari palli of Nimmanapalli Mandalam, (Andhra Pradesh). She went to a ZPH school which is 6 miles away from their home up to 10th class.

Her Family members - Dad, Mom, Younger Sister, Younger Brother and herself being the elder daughter. Dad makes the living by farming and supports the education of 3 kids in addition to the general family needs. Mother is a home-maker and also takes care of 2 Cows with the help of kids.

Younger Sister is studying 9th class in ZPH school of Nimmanapalli which is 6km away from their home. Younger brother is studying 5thclass in SriVidya Jyothi public school which has adopted him and assured him up to 10th class.

Rajani wakes early every day at 4:00AM for her studies and also to help her mom on the household chores. Rajani is a responsible kid who understand the hardship of the family and also wants to ease the burden of her parents after she completes her education.