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Rajadurai was brought up in Melamathur, Tamil Nadu, and studied there at a Government School through tenth. On his exam, he achieved 480 marks out of 500, catching the attention of the government. In his town, the government-sponsored the smartest kids for eleventh and twelfth at a private school, and Rajadurai was chosen to continue his education. In his medical entrance exam, he scored 198.5 out of 200, losing only one point. Now, Rajadurai is studying his third year at Madras Medical College, one of the top medical schools in India.

Rajadurai’s family consists of his mother, father, and older sister, who has a diploma in nursing. Rajadurai’s father works in Chennai, as a delivery person for a local school-bag shop, while his mother works back in Melamathur as a day laborer.

Inspiration for Rajadurai came from his teachers. He says that his higher secondary school teachers motivated him to study medicine and become a doctor. On top of that, Rajadurai’s village has no good hospital, which pushed him to become a doctor for his village.

When asked what his dream was, Rajadurai says he wants to serve the people; specifically, by joining the army medical camp to serve his country. Rajadurai says he wants to do this for about 5-10 years after finishing college. In addition to that service, Rajadurai finds more ways to help his country. He is also his college’s representative of a suicide-prevention organization for schools. After seeing how many suicides there are based on stress from studies, the organization exists to teach students to value their own goals and expectations more than society’s.

Rajadurai wakes early in the morning, works hard during the day, and studies into the night. His hard work and noble aspirations are his strong points, and they will bring him to achieve his goals.