1.Padmashree naik

Padmashree Naik

Nursing - Vishwadarshan School of Nursing - Ankola - Karnataka - INDIA


Above is pictured Padmashree Naik. She is a current 3rd year nursing student in Ankola. In order to continue her education, she is living with relatives. Her parents, however, live in Sirsi, where she was born and raised. Naik shows tremendous resilience through her ability to manage a difficult family life, yet still manage to receive a quality education.

Due to the low-income background she comes from, Naik works extremely hard to fund her education. In order to receive her education, she works from 7 am to 6 pm. After that, she must complete homework. In order to fund to the best of her ability, she creates mats from thrown-away sarees.

In the future, Naik wishes to teach students in a similar situation to her. In doing so, she will make a significant positive impact in the world.