1.Photo-MF303 Ravikumar P

P. Ravikumar

Veterinarian , Thanjavur Medical College, Thanjavur-Tamilnadu, India


Ravikumar is in his 2nd year of college, studying to be a veterinarian or doctor at Tanjore medical College, India. Ravikumar lives with his parents, sister and grandma near Trichy. Both his parents are farmers, and Ravikumar helps them with chores around the house. His work schedule is 7-12 he works at the hospital, 12-4 he goes to his college, and studies 8-12 at night, as well as helping his parents at home. His sister, who is being sponsored, is studying her MBBS final year at stanley med college. 

To give back to the community, Ravikumar wants to work for a government health program, as the government helped him a lot through life and he went to government schools. He also wants to work in villages to help people who grew up like him, and wants to help people who are suffering.