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Mohanraj K




K. Mohanraj epitomizes persistence. After suffering a crippling bus accident in his youth, Mohanraj struggled to continue his education. Added to this was the financial issues at home. And after his elder sister succumbed to a disease in her 10th grade, Mohanraj took care of his elderly grandmother, while his parents struggled to provide for the family.

In order to further his education, Mohanraj has sought out financial aid for his endeavors since the 11th grade. Now, after years of hard work, he is finally in his penultimate year of medical school. Despite studying six hours away at the Gov. Stanley College, Mohanraj still makes the trip to help his parents at home.

Mohanraj is excited for his career as a doctor and, with the help of Shooting Stars, hopes to further his passion in Orthopedics. His ultimate goal is to create a medical camp, helping others from impoverished backgrounds realize their passion for medicine.