Maria Photo

Maria de Los Angeles

Student of Law and Diplomacy - Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Pictured above is Maria de Los Angeles or “Anyi”. Maria’s parents and Maria are from the Dominican Republic. Her parents left the Dominican Republic for the United States years ago as illegal immigrants to realize the American Dream, leaving her with her brother when she was only one years old. She has not seen them since that day.She then moved in with her grandmother and aunt who was like a mother to them in Santo Domingo, the capital. Maria’s parents work hard to provide the bare necessities, but were unable to fund her university education.

Currently, her commute to school is two hours. She is a law student at a 4-year public university, with only about 2-3 more semesters left. Without the DGL scholarship, her pursuit of higher education while serving as the Young Life ministry would have been impossible. Now as a Developing Global Leader, Maria is studying law with the hope of becoming a lawyer after graduation. She chose law because she believes it takes people with the desire to do what is right and fair to help guide others through truth and justice. Additionally, being a lawyer would allow her to give a voice to those who don’t have one.

In terms of her home life, Maria does the majority of supporting. Her aunt has cancer, so she helps with the majority of household chores and cooking. She wakes up at 5 AM every day, and depending on classes that day, she may come home as late as 10 PM. Moreover, she studies for at least 4-5 hours per day. Evidently, Maria is an extremely hard worker, and deserves all the success.