1.Photo-Manjula A

Manjula A

BE, KSK College of Engineering and Technology, Kumbakonum, Tamilnadu. 

Manjula is a student at K.S.K CET studying B.E (ECE) to become an engineer. Her entire family depends on the salary of her mom, a cook, because of the passing away of her father. Since her mom needs to take care of both Manjula and her brother, they are struggling to pay Manjula’s college fees. Shooting Stars is aiming to give Manjula a steady platform on which she can achieve higher studies without being burdened by the cost. Manjula is a very hardworking and high achieving individual who aims at scoring perfect marks in her exams as to be a strong candidate for future employers. She both aims to further her interest in engineering, help out her family, and be a role model for her brother who will soon be graduating school. Manjula will definitely achieve her goals with her determination.