Mallika Perumal




Mallika is from Vaazhapadi town in Salem district in Tamil Nadu. Her parents, grandparents and siblings (7 people total) live in a small two room thatched home. Her sister is in 1st year college and brother is studying 10th grade. Her father is a truck driver and has to make multiple / long trips to support the family of six as a sole breadwinner. There will be days / weeks where he may not get a trip.

Mallika studied in Government (public) school until 10th and as she good good score in her 10th grade (486/500), she was motivated by her teachers to join private school for 11th and 12th. She scored 1172/1200 in 12th exams. With the help of a literate well wisher from the close by village, she got admission into Thanjavur Medical College. Her father managed to get loans for her first year of college fees.

Mallika was aware of her family’s financial situation, so struggled to study by herself without tutoring. Until 12th, her medium of instruction was Tamil and in college it’s in English.Though it was a challenge she’s picking up pretty quickly. She plays chess at college which she calls it her hobby.

Mallika will the first doctor in her town and she feels elated when we called her a doctor. She wants to pursue her PG in Obstetrics & Gynecology and work in the district where her family resides. She’s motivated to give back to the community once she settles in her job.

Mallika sounded very responsible and motivated. When asked what was her strong point, she said she has good grasping power and a willingness to learn. She is showing great commitment to her hard earned college admission which is commendable!