1.Photo - MF375 Ajitha M

M. Ajitha

MBBS, Madras Medical College, Chennai -Tamilnadu, India


Pictured above is Ajitha, a first-year medical student at Madras Medical College. An extremely hardworking student, Ajitha has consistently earned excellent grades throughout grade school, namely, Ajitha earned 487 marks in 10th grade, and 1152 marks in the 12th grade. However, Ajitha’s streak of success has not always come easy, especially coming from a low-income background.

Ajitha comes from a rural area and her parents’ income is not enough to fund her education. However, as a determined and kind-hearted individual, she wishes that once she becomes a physician, to help other students in similar situations as her. Specifically, Ajitha wishes to help students in rural areas who do not have the means to fund their education.