Losute kases Kakuko

Form 4, Pokot

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My name is Kases Kakuku and I come from Pokot. I have a single mother who has eight other children. My two younger brothers are the only other children who are getting an education.

My goal is to get a good grade with my current Form 4 exams so that I go to University and study to be a doctor, a surgeon. The reason I want to do this is that I have watched the news and seen many times people and children dying in Kenya because of lack of skills in the medical field. I want to help my country and my community by saving lives.

This is what drives me to want an education and the career path I have chosen.

I need sponsorship because I cannot achieve my goal without. My family cannot afford to help me as there is no money available. Helping me will also be helping my younger brothers as I will be able to pay for a better education for them as well.

If for whatever reason I cannot study to be a doctor, I will study to be a nurse as my Plan B. The field of medicine remains of interest to me.