Janani B


Civil Engineering - Karaikudi - Tamil Nadu, India


Janani is an only child who has been raised in Ramanathapuram by her grandparents since 6th grade. She is now a first-year college student majoring in Civil Engineering in Karaikudi. Her grandparents aren’t able to work as much due to their deteriorating health, and can’t take care of her educational expenses so she is very grateful for the sponsorship.

Janani originally wanted to become a doctor, but she decided to major in Civil Engineering due to her score on the NEET exam. She is very keen on continuing to study after getting a bachelor’s degree and will either pursue a Master’s degree or take the NEET exam again. If she chooses to pursue a master’s degree, Janani wants to study abroad and experience what the world has to offer.

Janani says that she wants to give back to her community by helping take care of the environment and cleaning it up. Janani loves reading novels and listening to music as a pastime. She is an extremely hard worker, and even wants to go to extra classes during her free time to hone her skills.