Gopishankar AR




GopiShankar is an 18-year-old from Ankilayanapalli, near the Krishnagiri District. He has just started his first year at Madras Medical College and is studying for MBBS which he is very passionate about. Shankar’s family consists of his mother, his younger brother, and his grandparents. His school and college tuition so far have been paid by his grandfather since his mother is a laborer whose income barely covers the family’s expenses.

Due to his family’s situation, Shankar says that he will work after getting his degree, but given the chance he would like to further specialize in Pediatrics or Neurosurgery. Although he stays in a hostel, Shankar makes sure to visit his family once in a while to spend some time with them. Shankar says that although he had hard time adjusting to college life, he worked hard in his classes and made sure to ask for help so that he could improve in his studies.