G. Yogabalaji

Civil Engineering, PSG Tech, Coimbatore-Tamilnadu, India


YogaBalaji is a 17-year-old from Muduarpetti, near Madurai. YogaBalaji is in his first year at PSG Tech, studying Civil Engineering. He went to government school until 10th grade, where he attended St. Mary's, a government-aided school, for 11th and 12th grade. He studied in Tamil-medium all his life, therefore he is just learning English and is not completely fluent. In tenth grade, his scores were 483/500. His family consists of his father (a watchman at Muthu Finance making 8000-9000 rupees a month) his mother, and his younger sister in 10th grade. His family lives in a rental home costing 2,500 rupees per month.

He chose Civil Engineering, as it was his childhood dream. After his first semester at PSG, his GPA was 7.9/10. After finishing his Civil Engineering studies, he will either work or study Environmental Engineering. YogaBalaji lives in a hostel, where he has learned to make many friends. Living in the Hostel, Yogi only manages to go back home around 5 times a year.

Yogi's hobbies are writing poems and playing chess. He loves writing poems and makes sure to write one every day. He publishes them on a website called and they are published on the seeds facebook page. Additionally, he won the Kavi Mani Murasu award, where twenty people out of all of Tamilnadu are recognized for the poem-creating excellence. He also loves playing chess and has gon to many state-level competitions.