1.Photo - Fridah

Fridah Akileng Pkomen

Nursing - African Institute of Research and Development- Nakuru, Africa



Fridah Akileng Pkomen, 21 years of age, comes from a village nearby Nakuru, Africa. She was raised by a single mother, and is the third of eight siblings. She remembers that life was very hard when her mother worked brewing alcohol so that the children could have food. Clothing and shoes were hard to obtain, and so were exam fees. Only a few of the siblings were able to go to school, and Fridah was one of them.

When Fridah was in fourth grade, one of the social workers in the area brought her and her family to the IHF Institute. Fridah is very thankful to be a part of such a positive community. She also loved going to school and meeting other people, though she only slowly learnt how to speak with them, as she only knew the Pokot language at the time.

Fridah’s aim is to become a nurse. From a young age, she was motivated by her mother to become a nurse so that she could help others as well as take care of her mother. Fridah also wants to teach other people the importance of education to give other children the support needed.

To do this, Fridah is studying at the African Institute of Research and Development in Nakuru. She is done with a certificate in community health and is continuing on with a diploma.