Estephanie German Photo

Estephanie German

Student of Clinical Psychology - Dominican University of Organization and Method, Dominican Republic

Pictured above is Estephanie. Estephanie is from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. She is 18 years old without a fixed address in the Dominican Republic and had to learn how to care for herself at a very young age. Her parents separated when she was a child and afterward she went to live with her mother, who worked as a translator. Not long after, her mother remarried and had two sons. Later, her stepfather had an incident that led him to prison. Soon after he came back, Estephanie realized she did not want to live in that house any longer. 

Currently, Estephanie is a clinical psychology student. As a Developing Global Leader, she hopes to utilize her clinical psychology education and open up a practice one day. Through this practice and psychology in general, Estephanie believes she always had the call to serve, and that pursuing this passion will allow her to solve other people’s personal problems. 

On top of being a student, Estephanie lives with her cousins and does the majority of the supporting in the household. She wakes up very early, studies for about 4-5 hours a day, helps with household chores, and much more. Taking on these challenges at a young age has given her a sense of responsibility that has marked her for life. Her mentors confirm this, stating that she is dynamic, stable, takes initiative, and is the brave face of many challenges. Her role model in life is her grandma, a strong woman who is happy and loving, despite her numerous challenges. Estephanie will be the first person in her family to graduate from university, and is clearly a hard-working student.