1.Photo - MF378 Manibalan E

E. Manibalan

MBBS, Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai -Tamilnadu, India


Pictured above is Manibalan, a student at Kilpauk Medical College. An extremely hardworking student, Manibalan has consistently earned extremely high grades throughout his educational career, namely, one 486 marks in 10th grade. While Manibalan is an extremely hardworking student, there are many financial struggles he deals with regularly in terms of funding his education. 

Manibalan unfortunately lives in a situation where his parents’ salary is not enough to provide for his education. Until college, Manibalan went to a government school in the village Kallappathu. However, a determined and kind-hearted individual, Manibalan has many plans for the future. Once he becomes a full-fledged doctor, he plans to help other individuals in financial situations similar to him.