Devadharshini V


MBBS - Kilpak Medical College - Chennai - TAMIL NADU - INDIA


V. Devadharshini is currently studying in her 3rd year at Kilpak Medical College, in Chennai. After achieving a 481/500 in her 10th grade exams, and ranking 1st in her school, Devadharshini was able to attend a private school for 11th and 12th grade.

Devadharshini’s passion for medicine began as a child, when she witnessed a younger boy suffering due to heart defects. Now, she is studying to become a cardiologist, where she hopes to assist those who are financially unstable. And medicine isn’t Devadharshini’s only interest; as an avid singer, she managed to find a teacher for free and worked hard to earn awards for her hobby.

But with two sisters also in college, Devadharshini’s parents worked desperately to provide for their three children. Due to financial complications, Devadharshini could not apply for any aid at risk of damaging her sisters’ scholarships. Attending the college she hoped for meant hurting the family’s unsteady finances even more-until Shooting Stars provided the aid she needed. Now, Devadharshini is eager to become a doctor and help others in any way she can.