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Ashish Gangwani

BE Computer Science, Thadomal Sahani Engineering College,India

Ashish Gangwani is doing his BE computer-science at Thadomal Sahani Engineering College,India. He fell in love with computer science engineering in 11th grade. But with his parents struggling to maintain their store, and financial instability threatening the family, pursuing his passion seemed far-fetched. With two sisters working, and a business that required daily assistance, Ashish’s time for studies was stretched thin. 

However, through hard work and dedication, he achieved quality grades in his exams. Now, he’s studying at Bandra, where he is furthering his passion in computer science. Waking up at dawn for a long train ride, Ashish is able to balance his studies and his responsibilities at home. 

He dreams to work for Google, and apply his insight for a global corporation. His priority, however, is supporting his family. With his father applying for loans, and relatives offering whatever donations they could afford, Ashish is grateful for all the help he has received. With the help of Shooting Stars, he hopes to earn a degree in business administration, and donate to those from backgrounds like his.