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Adarsh Badiger

Adarsh Badiger

Engineering - KLE Dr. MS Sheshagiri College of Engineering and Technology - Karnataka - INDIA


Pictured above is Adarsh Badiger, a student currently studying engineering. Badiger displays the utmost levels of resilience in terms of continuing his education. In his family, there is him, his mother and father, and his brother. With both him and his brother studying at the university level, his family is under the financial pressure of several tuition bills. However, his father’s income is the only source of income in the household.

Despite these struggles, Badiger is currently studying at the KLE Dr. MS Sheshagiri College of Engineering and Technology. Currently, he is in his second year studying engineering. Despite the difficult circumstances at home, Badiger is able to make sure that he thrives in an academic environment, earning excellent marks consistently.

Badiger is a very goal-driven individual. In the short term, he wishes to finish his exams successfully to qualify to be an engineer, but in the long term he wishes to help other students in situations similar to him with financing their education.