Aarti Bhosale

Aarthi Bhosale

Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications - Government Polytechnic - PUNE - MAHARASHTRA - INDIA

Pictured above is Aarti Bhosale, a scholar pursuing a career in engineering. To realize this career, she is currently studying at the College of Engineering Pune. A kind-hearted individual, by studying engineering, she wishes to be a productive citizen in the world and provide her parents with a luxurious life in the future.

Aarti works very hard in order to achieve her goals. Her family’s financial situation is not the best, coming from a single-income household. Her father is a farmer who completed his education up till the 10th grade, whereas her mother is a housewife who also completed her education until the 10th grade. An extremely intelligent and hardworking student, Aarti is very deserving of all future success.