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Our Story

Educate | Empower | Enable


When I was a 7th grader, getting bored with Spring Break holidays, my mom insisted that I help my younger brother with his State tests – I came up with sample questions and gave him a refresher just before the exams – Seeing that a few family friends also sent their kids, and said they would even pay for it!

After a couple of years, I got introduced to Akhil Ganti who in turn introduced us to a larger set of local community that helped us launch the non profit – Shooting Stars Foundation. The programs we offer to elementary school students locally started with common core curriculum and public speaking. It has now expanded to a variety of unique enrichment programs such as Career Exploration, Multicuisine Cooking etc . With the funds raised we sponsor college education or needy kids in 3rd world countries.

The mission of the foundation is to “Use Learning to Enable more learning !“

- Ajjit Chidambaram Narayanan