What We Do

Global and Local Programs



High school students raise funds through a variety of camps that appeal to other elementary, middle, and high school students. Camps include Spring break camps that offer coding, common core math and reading, speaking etc.

Participants can signup based on their interests. The entrepreneurship camp and Bollywood Bash are two other camps that have been very popular. Entrepreneurship camp allows students to hear from executives in the business world and offer the opportunity to shadow at a major business for a day. Bollywood Bash is a fun evening of dance, dinner with a nod to Bollywood style.

With the funds raised from the above activities, the org commits to
all years of college education of qualified under privilege students in
developing countries. We partner with accredited local non-profits
to identify students in need. In addition to the grant, participants
also receive mentoring throughout their time in the program.


For the local program, high school students work with elementary students in a low-income neighborhood. The principal of the low income elementary school identifies students who need help in math and reading. The high school students use the spring break camp materials for reading and math and tutor kids for 5 weeks before end of grade tests.