Online Tutoring

Our tutoring program is designed to bring the joy back into learning, especially for students who may be feeling weighed down by online school. High school tutors will support students with educational games and activities to help with understanding concepts and complete homework.

  • The program includes one free trial session followed by ten classes that are an hour long. The program cost is $70.
  • Timings for each class will be communicated between students and tutors through WhatsApp.
  • Each class will be conducted through Zoom meetings
  • To register, fill out the google form and pay through the PayPal links
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at


Coach Information Photo Expertise
Grade: 11
New Cairo
Qualifications: 3.74 GPA, Honor-level/AP-level curriculum
Why am I tutoring: To shift students’ perspectives to the excitement of learning.
Subjects teaching: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Computer Science
Additional Expertise: public speaking, studying skills, speed reading, research
Grade: 10
Qualifications: 3.85 GPA, 5 years of experience in alto saxophone and music theory
Why am I tutoring: To create positive impact in students’ lives by sharing personal experiences
Subjects teaching: Math, Science, Computer Science
Additional Expertise: Alto Saxophone, Music Theory
Grade: 9
Qualifications: 3.83 GPA, Been doing art for 7 years
Why am I tutoring: To support and enhance students’ online learning experience
Subjects teaching: English, Math, History
Additional Expertise: Art
Grade: 10
Qualifications: 4.47 GPA, playing chess for 8 years, Spanish for 4 years, coding for 4 years
Why am I tutoring: To teach students and help guide them towards the right path
Subjects teaching: Math, Science, English, History
Additional Expertise: Chess, Spanish, HTML
Grade: 10
Qualifications: 3.83 GPA, Been a part of a chess club in middle school and on school basketball teams since grade 7 Why am I tutoring: To spend time volunteering and teaching
Subjects teaching: Math, Science, Geography
Additional Expertise: Basketball, Chess
Grade: 11
Qualifications: 4.0 GPA, Been crocheting for 8 years
Why am I tutoring: To make learning a fun and creative experience for students.
Subjects teaching: English, Math, Reading, Science
Additional Expertise: Crochet, Writing, Photography
Grade: 9
Qualifications: 4.3 GPA, Been playing piano for eight years
Why am I tutoring: To help students strengthen their skills and improve learning experience.
Subjects teaching: Math
Additional Expertise: Piano
Grade: 10
North Carolina
Qualifications: 4.5 GPA, Been doing speech and debate for 3 years, writing poetry for 2 years, and doing art since childhood
Why am I tutoring: To support students in academic and personal growth
Subjects teaching: Reading, English, History, Science
Additional Expertise: Speech and Debate, Poetry, Art, Guitar
Grade: 11
Qualifications: 3.83 unweighted GPA, Been doing speech and debate for 7 years, art for 7 years, singing since age 5, and taking professional voice lessons for 2 years
Why am I tutoring: To help students with concepts they struggle with and make school easier
Subjects teaching: Math, Science
Additional Expertise: Speech, Art, Singing
Grade: 11
Qualifications: 4.17 GPA
Why am I tutoring: To teach students
Subjects teaching: Math
Grade: 11
Qualifications: 4.2 GPA, plays chess
Why am I tutoring: To share knowledge with students.
Subjects teaching: Biology, Math
Additional Expertise: Chess
Grade: 8
Qualifications: 4.0 GPA, Been playing chess for more than 10 years, was a coach in the Holland Chess Club
Why am I tutoring: To mentor students and share knowledge
Subjects teaching: Math
Additional Expertise: Chess
Grade: 9
Qualifications: 3.8 GPA , learned business principles through FBLA, plays competitive basketball
Why am I tutoring: To help students with academic and extracurricular challenges
Subjects teaching: English, History, Math, Science
Additional Expertise: Basketball, business
Grade: 7
Qualifications: 3.8 GPA
Why am I tutoring: To teach and work with students.
Subjects teaching: Math
Additional Expertise: Taekwondo
Grade: 9
Qualifications: 4.0 GPA, has played in various chess tournaments and coding Python for 3 years. Has conducted Python, chess, and STEM camps
Why am I tutoring: To educate young minds and share knowledge!
Subjects teaching: : Math, Physics, History
Additional Expertise: Chess, Python