Down Syndrome Network of Oregon (DSNO) Dance Fitness

July 2020

A virtual Bollywood dance fitness session was conducted during the COVID-19 lockdown to members of the Down Syndrome Network of Oregon (DSNO) community. The program enabled special-needs kids to participate in energetic dances taught by friendly high schoolers.

We partnered with DSNO to organize the five week session in which participants joined once a week for thirty minutes. Each week a new song as well as new choreography were introduced and taught. The program had a total of thirty-one registrations with about six to eight participants who joined per class throughout the five weeks. The participants all enjoyed dancing with their families as well as seeing their friends dance along with them.

STEAM Virtual Prototype Camp

August 2020

A virtual STEAM workshop was initiated during COVID-19 lockdown as an alternate to SF49ers and STEM awareness company tours. Students from California Children Rehabilitation Services, San Jose and Palo Alto Bay Area  locations attended the virtual camp workshop.

The workshop included the introduction of concepts such as Invention cycle, Engineering design process, Design thinking, Computational thinking and Electronic circuits. There was an emphasis on the iterative feedback process that is common among these concepts to build an invention and also knowledge that can be applied during Rehabilitation therapies. To further solidify the concepts, the workshop included building hands-on prototypes using LittleBits electronic circuit kits that have lego like, magnetic assist attachment features, allowing them to iterate and build faster prototypes and explore broader inventions such as automatic painting arm and a Self-driving vehicle. 

Grants from Shooting Stars, Intel Corp enabled the purchase of LittleBit kits and students are excited to continue the exploration of concepts and build more inventions during their summer break. Additional workshops are being organized to guide and evaluate student inventions to further their interest in STEAM.

Online Bollywood Fitness

To register for online bollywood fitness classes taught by friendly high schoolers - Srishti Prabhakar and Agnes Alfred
Zoom details will be sent to email address provided in the form.

STEAM Awareness Tours in Partnership with San Francisco 49ers EDU program

July/August 2019

An exclusive San Francisco 49ers STEM education tour and workshop was organized for special-needs students attending rehabilitation therapies at California Child Services (CCS) Bay Area locations. This custom program allowed for an active engagement and execution by the group at their own pace.

Using Sports and football as the platform, students had an engaging experience to learn STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) skills. Learning the components of art (lines, colors, shapes), students designed their own 49ers logos for the sports gear. An unique way to learn the iterative design process, with an example of a real-life famous football play in the SF 49ers history, termed as “The Catch”.

Students brainstormed and provided technology prototype solutions for the design of football safety such as helmet design and other football gear. In addition, students appreciated the design, technology behind the stadium construction, inspired by the player practice drills and by learning the history of SF 49ers

Thanks to Shooting Stars officer - Ronak for initiating and taking this through !