Apply Today to be a Summer 2021 Coach

*Call for Coaches - Summer Camp*
Eligibility – 8th grade through 12th / Undergrads


Limited spots left to coach – Sign up Today


Exciting Summer Camps Coming Up
Brand new programs
You can create your own curriculum of anything else you are passionate about and teach 


Coaching sessions are 1 hour each day – You need to sign up for 2 weeks at a time
If you are busy during the day – you can sign up for an evening session to teach 
Most curriculum is already pre-made and you will be trained 
Some marketing help required to market in your areas


Get quite a good number of Volunteering Hours towards your Presidential Service hours 
Be a coach – or run an entire session – Get leadership skills either way !
Experience a great 2 weeks to write your summer story !


Session 1: June 14th - June 25th 
Session 2: June 28th - Jul 9th
Session 3: Jul 12th - Jul 23rd
Session 4: Jul 26th - Aug 6th
Session 5: Aug 9th - Aug 20th

Shooting Stars Foundation 2020-2021 National Board Positions are Now Open!

Youth Volunteer Flyer.jpg

Shooting Stars Foundation is looking for passionate young leaders who are committed to make a difference where-ever they are!

Positions Available

  • Roles can be anywhere in the US – in fact anywhere in the world too!
  • You will be trained for every role along with written training documents
  • Positions available to execute the following – Entrepreneurship camps, Science competitions, dance/music fundraisers, hackathons etc

         For more info, click here

Why Volunteer With Us?

  • Official Officer Position (VP, Director, Officer roles) in a grassroots impactful organization
  • Ability to volunteer and contribute in an area of your passion – Science / Technology / Entrepreneurship / Dance / Music
  • Well rounded leadership experience serving the local community as well as global community!
  • Ability to interact / mentor  as well as visit  with the graduates we sponsor in 8 countries
  • Eligible for Presidential Service Award

Why Should We Recruit You?

  • You are passionate in one or more areas is which the Foundation operates
  • You are excited to make a impactful difference in the lives of youth
  • You are committed to contributing the needed hours for the position along with your school workload
  • You will have good marketing skills in the community to market the program you will be executing
  • Some amount of parental / adult time will be required for some programs

National - Vice President

  • Lead the entire program across multiple regions, Establish best practices and standards
  • Drive all camps to completion
  • Commit to average 6-7 hours per week

State President

  • Highest position within a State
  • Execute 3 or more of SSF programs in the State
  • Commit to average 4-5 hours a week
  • Recruit needed team members in your area


  • Execute one of the SSF programs under the State President or Vice President
  • Commit to average 2-3 hours per week