August Summer Camps 2020

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Participant and Parent Feedback

"I loved the camp. I learned so much each day about how to properly debate and write the speeches for each debate. I had so much fun doing the warmups as well as the classwork. I hope to do it again!" - Sanjana

"It's a great initiative. And coaches, than you so much for your time and patience teaching Python. Without Shooting Stars, the children wouldn't have the exposure in this young age. Look forward for the next session!!" - Anuradha

"It was really fun working with classmates and the teachers. I loved the camp so much. And I learned new stuff every day from the curriculum. I had so much fun doing the different experiments and I hope to do it again." - Sahana

"Hello coaches, it was a great camp! You guys did an awesome job and Siddhanth enjoyed it! The kids learnt a lot this week!!" - Dhivya

"The camp was wonderful and both of you ran it very well. Great job on keeping the little kids engaged!" - Akila


Amrith Kumaar
Incoming Freshman at Cornell University

Vice President at Shooting Stars


Satyarajkumar Krishnasamy
CTO at CloudWave

Published author and screenwriter

Yugandhar Cindepalle
Chief Technologist at Booz Allen Hamilton

Smitha Chakravarthy
Sr. Director, Product Engineering and Quality Solutions, IT

Intel Corporation

Shanthi Velingiri

Dr. Shanthi Vellingiri
Ph.D. of Computer Engineering

University of Texas at Dallas

Sharangopi Jayaraj 
Software Architect, Amyntagroup

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 9.02.17 PM

Sarathy Jayakumar
Sr. Principal Engineer

Intel Corporation

Raghunathan Dhananjay
Sr. Design Engineer RET

Intel Corporation


Rakshitha Thanasekaran
Rising sophomore

Chantilly High School

Vairavan Arunachalam
Chief of Staff, Yahoo Small Business, Verizon

Smeetha James
Rising senior, John Champ High School

Sembu Kanthilal

Dr. Sembu Kanthilal
MD, General Surgeon

Venky Ramakrishnan

Venky Ramakrishnan
Vice President, Sigma Consultants Group, Inc.

August Coaches - Reflections

Sanjana Sudheer- Tiny Scientists, Creative Writing, Bookworm

"This was my first year doing the Shooting Stars camp, I used to participate as a student before. This was a wonderful experience teaching, but there are also many other aspects. We all have to market, we had to fix any problems, and I had to send confirmation emails. There were many late nights but it was all worth it when we saw how much fun the students we taught were having. I taught Bookworm, Creative Writing, and Tiny Scientists. I personally loved teaching the three classes I had. Its fun to see how much the students have developed by the end of the week, even though it was a short time. The students I taught were very kind and always came prepared to class. They also made sure to challenge me so I could become a better teacher as well. Being allowed to help students get their education as well as donating to help college students' education has been and will continue to be a great experience and feeling."

Rakshitha Thanasekaran - Speech and Debate, Tiny Scientists

"Shooting Stars has conducted a great camp that is directly helping 2 sets of students. The students that attend the camp receive a crash course on the subject and the destitute students around the world are able to receive proceeds that help them in their education. I personally think that this camp has given me a new perspective on how education affects students. I had taken education for granted and haven’t quite realized how education affected my life. After this club, I realize how fortunate I am to receive an excellent education. I was the speech and debate camp coach. I am a debater but I came to realize how impactful a teacher can be in introducing new topics. I personally think that I have matured as a debater while teaching the students. I also coached the tiny scientists club. The kids were very engaged in the class due to the hands on experiments and Kahoot games. Overall, I think that this camp was very impactful and I thoroughly enjoyed coaching! I will continue to do so in the upcoming years."

Vishal Sai Chindepalli - Chess, Web Design

"As a new officer in SSF who just ran his first camps, I can proudly say that it made me a better overall person and it was very fun to interact with younger kids and share my knowledge with them. It was the same knowledge that was the foundation of my skills from when I was their age. As I ran my camps, I realized that I was not just teaching the kids, but I was also teaching myself how to handle problems, how to handle kids, how to lead a group, etc. It was exciting to teach a group of kids that were always ready to learn and they gave me confidence that they will develop their skills and become intelligent kids once they mature and grow. All the kids enjoyed my teaching, and I felt very confident that they understood all the materials, as I saw them execute it. I am looking forward to running more camps with SSF!"

Kashvi Jain - Bookworm, Creative Writing, Speech and Debate

"The August 2020 camp was a great learning experience for me and the other tutors. I personally was able to learn how to market using flyers and social media as well as keeping track of registrations through spreadsheets and contacting and emailing students and parents for homework and class zoom recordings. This camp also gave me a great opportunity to connect with students. When I taught the students I felt the passion in their hearts for each of the subjects and I realized that the whole reason I was teaching creative writing, bookworm, and speech and debate was because I loved it and had a passion for educating youths and passing down my knowledge to them. As for organization, the camp was so well organized, all the registrations were tracked, emails were sent, payments were made, it was a great camp. Overall this camp was an amazing experience and I was glad to be a part of it."

Saivignesh Sethu-Python

"As a shooting stars officer, I was thrilled at the outset to raise money to help underprivileged scholars through summer camps. I thought the online summer camps were a great way to educate kids on fun and interesting things. The camps I tutored were Chess and Python. Chess was the first online camp I ever tutored for shooting stars foundation. At first, I was nervous on how I would be able to teach kids from 2nd-5th grade. Most importantly as a tutor, I was starting to understand more about the students on what they were good at in chess and what they needed help on. Right after when the chess camp ended Python came rolling in. With Python I was able to learn more teaching methods. By learning that I was also able to make sure that everyone was able to understand Python in their own way. As our Python Camp started coming to an end I was able to understand as high schooler on what the programming world would possibly look like along with participants. I’m glad I was able to teach many youth and connect with them for a good cause."

Srikar Bangaru- Chess and Web Design

"As an SSF volunteer and tutor, I found the summer camps and sessions to be a great experience and an overall amazing opportunity to take away and learn from. Working and interacting with younger students was extremely fun and motivating. While teaching the students, I realized that there were often situations where I was learning small things and having experiences that I could later reflect and improve upon. When I was working with such a motivated and enthusiastic group of kids, I found that I myself was looking forward to class each day and excited about what developments the students had made. It was extremely motivating and encouraging to see the satisfaction in the students and the positive feedback and messages that we received from the parents. I was very proud that I was able to teach the students and that they enjoyed my teaching and showed further interest in Web-design and Chess. I look forward to hosting more camps through SSF!"

Kritika- HOSA

"This summer I was fortunate to introduce a new camp to the Shooting Stars Foundation known as Intro to Hosa. Through shooting stars, I was able to start a camp I was passionate about and spread the word about HOSA to students who are interested in joining the medical field, learning about a different career, boosting their college application, or just wanting to take part in a competition. The past few weeks have been very enjoyable for me because I got to create my curriculum based on my experiences and execute it to the students. It was the students’ enthusiasm that made me want to come back every day and keep on participating. Not only did I teach the students, but I also learned from them when they asked interesting questions. I had a great time and am very proud that HOSA will be a part of the shooting stars foundation for this fall and years to come."

Arun - Chess and Web Design

"As a new SSF tutor, I truly felt running these camps was an overall enjoyable and interactive experience. With this being the first camp I have run a camp with SSF, I had a great time working with the students and teaching them new things I had learned around their age. These camps were extremely helpful in teaching the children and teaching me a few things as well. Seeing how enthusiastic these children were about learning during these camps has allowed me to develop a passion for teaching. This made me want to learn more about what I was teaching, so that I could be a better teacher for the students. I was always eager to see developments they have made and new creative ideas they have come up with. The feedback messages were received from the students' parents were extremely motivating as well. Overall, running these camps was a wonderful teaching and learning experience for both the students and us as teachers."

Samuel Obe - Python

"My experiences regarding the Shooting Stars Foundation’s Summer Camps were overwhelming positive. All the students that I mentored were eager to learn and actively engaged. I learned a lot from them because I have not had any sort of teaching experience before. Hopefully they learned a lot from me too. COVID-19 definitely changed my plans this summer. I had an internship lined up that was sadly canceled. Luckily, I found the Shooting Stars Foundation. They were kind enough to give me a different kind of summer experience. A summer experience that I am very thankful for. Teaching Flutter and Python was such a joy for me because I knew I was making a difference in someone’s life. A student’s first “print(hello world)” today, might lead them to a career in STEM tomorrow. I wish the very best to all the students I taught Flutter and Python to."